About Us

We are DogMode

Our Story

DogMode, a family owned and locally operated business, was established in 1999 as the first non-traditional “off-leash” dog boarding and daycare facility in Utah. Our mission was to create a large, state-of-the-art, facility where our faithful family companions could play with other dogs while being cared for by experienced, passionate, dog-loving humans. Our innovative approach to dog care resulted in the creation of our amazing, award winning facility where dogs run, bark and play to their hearts content while their humans are at work or on an extended vacation. Today we continue our mission to be the very best dog care facility in Utah, caring for your dog with the utmost integrity and love.

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We concentrate on dogs only because that's what we know and because we do it so well.


Mission Statement

To provide the BEST individual experience to each dog and client based on their personal needs.


A safe, clean and fun environment where each dog is allowed to freely run, bark, and play while under constant supervision.


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Our Philosophy

Play Hard - Sleep Sound

The philosophy behind non-traditional style daycare and boarding is to reduce your pet's stress by increasing activity and stimulation during the day. All of the activity during the day helps them release their nervous energy so they can relax and actually sleep at night. After exercising, dogs seem to look forward to the peacefulness of their own separated sleeping area.

All of our guests at DogMode enjoy the freedom of being off-leash in a supervised environment that provides enough space for some serious play. Dogs are allowed to run, bark, and play to their hearts' content without the fear of disturbing a non-dog-loving neighbor, escaping from your yard, or breaking one of our valley's leash law regulations.