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DogMode has thousands of extremely satisfied past and present customers who trust their dogs in our care 365 days a year. We owe it to everyone who comes to DogMode to give them our utmost attention, respect and love. We believe we have created exactly the kind of place where our dogs as well as our guest dogs want to be.

In order to accomplish our mission we have learned that we must hire only humans who not only love dogs but also have a passion for working with and caring for them. All of our DogMode Team members must have common sense, a basic knowledge of the most common dog breeds and an understanding of dog behaviors. You must be able to learn dog body language and memorize the names of the dogs and recall the personality traits of every dog that stays with us. You must be able to remain calm in our sometimes extremely loud and very high energy environment. It is mandatory that all team members be dependable, conscientious, considerate and self-motivated. It is imperative that you have reliable transportation to and from work so that you will be on time every time.

Our jobs can be very rewarding for the right individuals and there is always room for advancement in our company for hard working and motivated individuals.

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